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Don't neglect the packaging.


Written by: Alan Muscat | Marketing, Design, Selling

So you have a fantastic product. Can you make the packaging part of the total experience of buying from you? Apple put in the same attention to detail in their packaging as they do to the product within. Getting to the iPhone, iPad or the computer is an event in itself, a piece of theatre, and now you don’t feel so bad for having spent that much money because the packaging says that this is something really special, something worth more than the competing products you considered.

James Stewart, writing in the New York Times about the joy of owning a MacBook Air said:
Even the packaging was so beautiful that I couldn’t bring myself to discard it.

Good quality and great design in your packaging will have a massively positive effect on sales. It will also allow you to charge more, sometimes much more. Test it.

Even services can be well packaged. Think about it; how can you better ‘package’ your service?

Good packaging pays for itself. Try it.

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