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The heart of Design Jazz, unsurprisingly, is design. No matter what service we are offering, our starting place is design. Design evokes the first response from the viewer; this response is emotional and contributes a significant influence to the viewers decision making, possibly the biggest influence. Our portfolio shows a small selection of work covering the range of our design capability. Note also that many of the photographs seen in our brochures and websites were taken by us.

Birchfield 2012/13 Advertising Campaign

  • Client: Birchfield School
  • Work: Advertising

Birchfield School were looking for a new advertising campaign based on tyne concept of a FIrst Class Education. They also wanted to hint back to the period of England’s 1950s Educational Golden Era. A First Class Pulman train seemed to fit the bill. The image was created in-house and demonstrates the versatility of talent at Design Jazz.